Security on Adverto

Security on Adverto is the best platform for a quick sale or a bargain purchase of various products. Unfortunately, scammers use popular platforms to deceive users and resort to well-known tricks. We have received a lot of information about the most popular methods of scammers so that you can use our services to avoid unpleasant experiences and prevent scammers from making money off you.Follow our advice and stay safe.

General safety rules

Check the siteFraudsters often create fake websites to mislead you. Carefully check the address of the site you are going to. You must always stay on the website or app. You can also trust subdomains of our site, for example
Keep your personal information privateThere are ADVERTO security rules that every user should be aware of:
Do not give your personal data (passport data, bank data, e-mail, phone number, instant messengers, etc.) in chats or in correspondence with the support service.
Adverto NEVER uses third-party chats to communicate with users.
Any payment data that can be requested by Adverto can only be maintained on the website or on the website of a trusted payment system. At the moment, Adverto uses only JCC.
Do not share your bank account, Paypal account, card numbers, codes, etc. with anyone.
If you still decide to accept funds into your account, the buyer only needs to know the card number on the front side (you need to attach a picture and circle the card number with a red square) or IBAN. They don't need any other data for the transfer. Your e-mail to transfer money to you is also not required.
Do not respond to e-mails from suspicious sources in which they tell you that the money has been sent and will be credited to your account as soon as you send the goods.
Do not send the goods to the buyer until the money arrives into your account.
DeliverySend goods only by trusted delivery services. Do not pay for delivery services through third-party sites.
Meet in personIf it is possible to meet to complete the transaction and check the goods, paying in cash is the best way not to be deceived. For meetings, it is better to choose crowded places.
Avoid strangersIf you have any doubts about the reliability of the person with whom you are communicating with, it is better not to do business with them.

Don't be fooled!

Check links before clickingBe extremely careful when clicking on links to receive payments. In order to receive money, you do not need to enter your data. Do not enter your card details outside of the website or outside of the Adverto app.
Do not enter your PIN anywhereIn order to receive money, you never need to enter your PIN - this is definitely a scam.
SMS with codeIf you receive an SMS with a code and someone asks you to transfer it (write, say, send) - this is always a scam.

Do not give your e-mail or phone number to anyone

If in correspondence someone asks you for an e-mail, most likely this is a scammer. After that, either a fake link or a fake payment can be sent to your mail. Sometimes you may be notified that the funds have been transferred to your account and will be credited after you ship the goods. Do not ship until you see the funds in your bank account.

Make sure you are on

Often scammers make fake pages similar to On a real site, there should be only one dot between "Adverto" and "sale". Also, before the word 'adverto' there can be another word, but also through a dot.
Examples of good
Examples of fake — scammers — scammers — scammers

Both sellers and buyers can be scammers

How the seller can cheat
seller fraud
seller fraud

How to recognize a fraudulent seller

• They prefer not to meet in person, they try not to communicate through the built-in Adverto chat. They prefer communication via e-mail or WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram. They also do not like to give their phone number. • They are trying to find out the full details of your banking or PayPal account details. • They disguise their messages as messages from a bank or from PayPal or from Adverto. • You are provoked to make a quick decision and not given a chance to think.

Make the world a nicer place - help punish scammers

Report any suspicious profile to us. If you have already transferred your card or bank account details to someone, then:
Notify your bank immediately to block any possible charges.
Submit information to the Cyber Crime Centre
Do not delete the correspondence, keep the history. This may help you get your money back.