Requirements for Ads in Category Real Estate
  • 1.It is prohibited to post ads, which parameters or description do not correspond to the real estate object. Including, it is forbidden to specify:
    • the metro station, which is more than 15 minutes drive from the address;
    • the number of rooms that does not match the number of rooms specified in the description or when calling from the moderator;
    • numerical values of fields that do not correspond to reality (for example, a three bedroom apartment with a total area of 3000 m², ceiling height in the flat is 50 m);
    • other information that does not correspond to what was announced when calling from the moderator.
  • 2.It is prohibited to post ads, which indicate the incorrect address of the property:
    • the marker on the map must match the address indicated in the ad;
    • the address must match the city indicated in the ad;
    • the specified area and metro station should correspond to the actual address.
  • 3.In the "Address" field it is allowed to specify the approximate location of the property, without the house number. An additional information, like landmarks and city district, you may add to the description of the ad.
  • 4.It is prohibited to post ads with false information that the User is an owner of the property.
  • 5.The use of symbols that attract the attention of the buyer is prohibited in the title and description of the ad, for example: more than 2 punctuation marks in a row, emoji and also writing the text in capital letters.
  • 6.Be sure to remove ads from the publication if the property is already rented, sold or bought.
  • 7.It is forbidden to mislead by posting an ad about paid services for finding a real estate under the mask of selling or renting a house.
  • 8.Text and photos of the ad must be unique.
  • 9.Indicate the full value of real estate, rather than the cost per square.
  • 10.In ads like "Let/Rent" with a rental period "Daily" it is forbidden to specify the price for an hourly rental. You must specify the cost of rent for one day. At the same time, please specify in the description about the availability of discounts for a long rental period.
  • 11.If the price of an object was reduced for any reason, be sure to specify this in the description of the ad.
  • 12.Use of real estate agency logos instead of photo objects is allowed only in categories Commercial Estate Agents and Residential Estate Agents. In the other sections it is necessary to post a photo of a real estate object.
  • 13.In addition to photographing the facade of a house or building, we recommend adding a floor plan and photos of the interior (rooms, entrance hall, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.), which must reliably reflect the actual situation inside the proposed facility.
  • 14.Real estate agencies need to use one personal office for all employees. It is forbidden to submit the same ads using the personal page of the real estate agency and the personal page of the agency employee.

In case of receiving claims about the posting of non-existent product, as well as in other cases, Adverto has the right to demand title documents: company documents, documents confirming the registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, documents for vehicles and other documents.

In the event of discrepancy with the Adverto Rules, the Moderator may return the ad for correction back to the User or refuse to post the ad.

Violation of rules and requirements, as well as a large number of complaints from the other Users on ads can lead to blocking ads or the User's account.

An additional requirements see at:
General Requirements for the Posting of Ads
Photo Requirements
Requirements for the Description of Products & Services

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